what is Wade?

In 2005 in the heart of downtown Bluefield a nonprofit community outreach center known as the Wade Center opened its doors and began to impact the lives of the people in the community surrounding it.  The Wade Center exists to meet the spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical needs of at risk youth and their families in the Bluefield community.  Wade first began meeting these needs by starting an after school program in the fall of 2006.  Eight children showed up that day.  Now, scarcely four years later, Wade runs an after school program for over 100 students grades 1-12 every day.  Wade began a midweek, supercharged church service for high school students who have been burned by the traditional church, a summer day camp program for our after school students, and a summer missions program for students around the country to come and learn and experience what a life of service looks like.  God shows up at Wade every day in crazy ways, and our lives are a testimony to that.

want more? check out http://www.wadecenter.com or http://www.wademissions.com for all the cool stuff God’s doing in Bluefield, WV.


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