christmas cheer

so recently at wade, i was helping one of our fifth graders with an essay for school.  in the process, he showed me another essay he wrote on what Christmas is all about.  i was floored, and so i wanted to share.

to truly understand the weight of the words he wrote though, you have to first understand that this past spring David’s* parents, and two siblings were brutally killed in a car accident…that he walked away from.  David saw the whole thing, and he lived to tell the story.  As would be expected from any fifth grader after such trauma, David experienced a lot of anger, bitterness and hatred of the world.

Slowly but surely though, we’ve seen Christ’s love melt the sullen and icy heart of this child.  The essay David wrote on Christmas is evident of just how far he’s come – not by his own doing, but truly because of the work God is doing in his heart.  May the same be true for each of us and all of us. Merry Christmas!

* the name of this student has been changed for privacy.


To me, Christmas means a time to give, love and have fun. Christmas is a day no one should be sad. On Christmas love is one of the many elements of the many gifts God gave to us. Never take it in vain. God is the only reason we are alive, and He loves us as His kids.

On Christmas, giving is the best thing you can do and it is the best thing that can make you feel better.

The best thing you can do, and what all kids want, is to have fun, and eat scrumptious food, and last but not least, is to rip your presents open and see what you got.

And on top of that, you are with your family and your God is hovering right over you, even though you can’t feel His breath on your neck.


One thought on “christmas cheer

  1. I was very excited to get your letter and read your blog, in fact I have been cryng out to God all week for some help. You see, we are doing something like this at North Grove on Wednesdays and I would desparately like to talk to you. We have fourth through seventh graders in the shed for a teaching time after supper (we have tutoring before supper) and the age span is hard, plus having boys and girls together. I need some ideas and suggestions, and when I saw that Megan was teaching Bible to 1-8 graders, I knew this was someone I needed to contact.

    I am so happy for you guys and I know you are going to have a fruitful ministry. I hope to hear from you soon – please email me if you don’t have my number.
    Marilyn Lobough
    Ben’s former Sunday School Teacher

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