the blog equivalent of a post-it note…

just a brief update for you guys…

wedding stuff is starting to come together, we finally got all of our venues booked!  so exciting!  we’re down to 114 days until marriage starts and couldn’t be more excited! 

on the wade front, things have been challenging lately, but still good.  bluefield has had quite the tumultuous winter this year, and the kids have yet to have a full week of school since christmas break!  yikes!   each week is almost like starting all over again because we’ve not been able  to establish a routine yet.  hopefully the groundhogs are right and winter is on its way out!

ben has started to work more closely with Wade’s new high school after school program this semester, which means he’s had to back away from his gym class responsibilities some.  the program is averaging 10-15 high school students, and several are really starting to open up and share with ben and the other youth workers.  praise God!  a whole new group of students are being touched by the love of Christ!

report cards came out this week and so megan is in the thick of processing and recording those into Wade’s records – on the initial glance though it looks like there are quite a few A-B honor roll students this 9 weeks! 

Bible class is still focused in on the book of Genesis as megan teaches through the Old Testament stories chronologically.  the kids are retaining a lot though, and can repeat even small details of the stories week to week.  this weeks focus, Isaac and Rebekah and Jacob and Esau.  pray that the Word would continue to fall on fertile soil in the kids hearts!

thank you, as always, for all the prayers and support!

take care and God bless,

megan and ben


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