snow, snow, snow!

Bluefield continues to be pummeled by snow and wintery-yuck-mixes.  The kids have been out of school all week, so Ben has worked 8-5 every day running Wade’s “Whatever Days” – our program for when kids are out of school.  My classes have been canceled for two days now as well, and the snow continues to pile up.

My housemates Amanda and Crystal and I seized the snow days though and gave our front room a face lift for under $50!

Whereas Ben has been working just as much at Wade this week as normal with Whatever Days, this is the first day all week that I’ve made it in to the office.  I’m working on processing through a stack of report cards and reading assessments from our after school kids – so far so good!  Nearly all of the kids are now reading on grade level and we’re seeing improvements on their report cards as well!  Praise God! such results warm my heart even on such a chilly day.

grace and peace,



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