so this weekend ben and i went to a wedding expo thing at the mall to get some ideas for our big day. (well, really, i went to get ideas, ben went to eat the free samples from the caterers…)

while we were there, my youth leader from middle school – who also bakes wedding cakes – asked if ben and i would help her demonstrate the proper way to cut a wedding cake…

easy enough right?  “put your arm around her like this…hold the knife this way” and bam! the cake was cut, then next thing i know…

i am butter creamed!  okay…so i started it…but ben got me so much worse!

i had icing up my nose all day!  but the part that made it into my mouth was delicious!  thanks Renee for letting us be your “models!” 

(*all photos courtesy of renee’s  cakes and things)


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