sunlight and specks

today was the first sunday in goodness knows how long that snow hasn’t fallen in bluefield; my thermometer actually maxed out at around 50 degrees! wow!  it looks like the kids will actually get to go to school/wade tomorrow for the first time in two weeks!!!

this week, yesterday actually, in my quiet time i ran across this quote from andrew murray’s book humility (an excellently deep yet brief read) and it was so appropriate with today’s weather…i had to share 🙂

“as it is in the height and breadth and glory of the sunshine that the smallest speck dancing in it’s beams is seen, even so humility is taking our place in God’s presence to be nothing but a speck dancing in the sunlight of His love.  how great is God!  how small we are! lost, swallowed up, in love’s immensity!”

there’s a song in there somewhere…i just have to let it out.

with kids coming back, there should be more to write about that the weather soon – something we can all be thankful for!

peace, love and the promise of buttercups,



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