the eye of the storm

as it turns out planning a wedding, going to school and ministry at wade is a lot to juggle.  geez…

ben has been super patient and considerate lately as i’ve had a breakdown just about once a week on the dot.  my time with God was amazing this morning though, so it’s looking like i might skip my weekly monday bawl fest 🙂   ben and i were also able to take a sacred day this weekend – meaning we didn’t talk about wade or wedding stuff AT ALL, and that helped me destress a lot!  we went hiking up at camp creek and then i attempted and succeeded in making his mom’s pot roast and mashed potatoes for dinner!  yay!  (pictures to come…)

pray for wade right now, our executive director has taken a temporary leave of absence, leaving us in a slight state of limbo.  God is faithful though, and i am firmly convinced that He is going to work in mighty ways at this time and reveal His glory all the more clearly.

that’s about it though…just a brief update, maybe i’ll find more time to write eventually…

grace and peace,



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