oh happy wednesday!

one week ago on the dot, i discovered that i had to take and pass a CLEP test for analyzing and interpreting literature if i planned on graduating in may.  and believe you me, I PLAN ON IT!    normally, such a discovery would not be so stressful as i am rather beast at taking tests (it’s a gift), but having to take and pass a test on which one’s graduation and in turn ENTIRE life plan beyond may 15th hinges is more than slightly intimidating.  last wednesday, this news almost brought me to the point of a third consecutive breakdown that week. 

today, however, is a very different type of wednesday.  thanks to many prayers, much support, and my own God-given mad test taking skills, i not only passed my CLEP but i mutilated it, leaving behind me a trail of literary conquest and pillage. HAHA! take that oh formidable college board!  

also in breaking news today, tax returns are going to be good to us this year!  excellent news indeed for a young couple about to start out on their own.  excellent news indeed.  : )

finally (although, in terms of priority it is definitely primarily) ozzy and i had excellent time this morning talking over our Lord and the Scriptures.  ozzy being, of course, my affectionate pet name for oswald chambers.  he writes of 1 john 5:16

“we see where other folks are failing, and we turn our discernment into the gibe of criticism instead of into intercession on their behalf.  the revelation is made to us not through the acuteness of our minds, but by the direct penetration of the Spirit of God, and if we are not heedful of the source of the revelation, we will become criticizing centers and forget that God says [‘if anyone sees his brother committing a sin not leading to death, he shall ask, and God will give him life – to those who commit sins not leading to death’]”

mmm, kick in the pants much?    i love when the Lord meets me in the exact right, yet most unexpected place each morning. 

continue to pray for wade as we are still a bit topsy-turvy in the absence of our director.

grace and peace,



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