like ashton kutcher at the end of “that 70’s show”…

i too felt like screaming “HELLO WISCONSIN!” from our little hyundai as we drove into the land of beer and cheese. 

our trip was great, we really enjoyed our time in milwaukee checking out the church and hanging out with some all around cool people…especially grandma betty 🙂

but alas, the downfall of amazing long weekends spent roadtripping the midwest is that they always seem to be followed by an increase of speed on the divine hamster wheel.  i feel like this should have been discovered by someone brilliant like newton or something, but maybe it just goes without saying.

therefore, i will update the blog in greater detail (with pictures too!) at a later date.

thank you so much for your prayers as we were on the road – and please continue to pray for ben and i to have discernment!

grace and peace,



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