the neighborhood in my dining room and thailand in my salad

last week we had the distinct pleasure of welcoming our neighborhood into our home for dinner.  every tuesday ben and i, along with our upstairs neighbors ben and kevin, run an afterschool bible club in our living room for the kids in our neighborhood.  we average between 6-12 kids, and it’s pretty awesome.  the kids learn a new bible story each week, play some crazy game that ben (my ben) comes up with and they sing some fun – yet worshipful – songs with yours truly.  and once a month a family from church cooks a meal for us all to enjoy. 

together we set up card tables, broke out the extra chairs (and the lawn furniture for that matter), set the table, tossed the salad, and served each other drinks. several kids paired up with an adult to complete each task, learning to serve each other. conversation is always lively to say the least, but by the end of the night everyone was full of enchilada cassarole and the love that only true shared community brings.

we even learned to eat our spinach! those green leafys can be so daunting, you know.

unfortunately, our meal fell on the same tuesday as the massive blizzard so our wonderful cooks couldn’t stay for dinner. we are still very appreciative though – thanks nancy, becky and brian!

as promised at the end of my last post, here is the remainder of our photographic house tour!
(applause and celebration)

this is mine and ben’s room…rather sparce i know. just imagine the possibility of those white walls though once they are clothed in a nice, warm, grey and accented by spashes of yellow and aqua in rich fabrics and fun prints a la dwell studios

like this

or this fantastic pillow from etsy

for the time being though, the walls are white and my only hint of lovely deep yellow is the yardsale lamp on our bedside table next to my edith schaeffer book and inspiration sheet. think what could be, not what is.

next i will take you into our little hall…

and our highly organized linen closet. i am very proud.

next is our spare bedroom

which houses my highly eclectic earring collection.

and our bathroom…in yellow, black and white nonetheless…

i knew i would find a use for all those lemons from the wedding!

onto the kitchen…

this space will be a rich, burnt orange one day

arguably the cutest dish scrubber in all the land : )

our little kitchen table

our refrigerator always looks different. kids color stuff, we hang it up, and then other kids move it to spell their names with our letter magnets.

our awesome pantary space

we try to run the house as paper-less as possible, so without napkins and paper towels, our kitchen linens require their very own “dirty” basket : )

and finally, ben’s “man cave”

one day, this will be an industrial-esque, manly grey filled with sports memorabilia from ben’s favorite teams

this has unexpectedly turned into quite the post, so my thai salad dressing recipe will have to wait for next time. thanks for reading : )

grace and peace,


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