one day…

one day, i will write a book.

and it will be called “slime for breakfast” (or something of that nature).

i have been on an absolute smoothie kick lately, ever since digging around joy the baker’s blog per the suggestion of a friend – thanks marie : )

with that being said, here’s my own twist on joy’s slimy looking smoothie…

Nuts About Greens Smoothie

you will need….

1 banana (organic and fair trade please!)

1/2 cup SO delicious original coconut milk

2 cups fresh baby spinach leaves

3/4 cup low fat BaNilla yogurt (StonyField Farms)

2 TBS natural peanut butter

2 TBS flaked unsweetened coconut (optional…i just happen to love the stuff)

toss all ingredients in a blender and smoothify on high for 3-4 minutes or until your concoction looks a little like nickelodeon slime (memories anyone?) and enjoy!

it’s fabulous really, protein, potassium, vitamin C, iron, calcium, MFCA’s….really, you could live off of the slime smoothie. 

but not really, don’t try it.

either way, it beats the heck out of paying almost $4 for underclothed super green juice, and it tastes better too. even ben liked it, the coconut-flake free one anyway. his comment “this tastes awesome, and i’m pretty much drinking pure health aren’t i?!” yes my dear, yes you are.

slime is not very photogenic, this is the best shot i could muster...


in other news, i have my first personal training consultation in the a.m. WOOT!  living the dream babes…or at least living out what i spent the last four years of my life studying.  i am excited though, it’s kickin really.  i’m doing my best to channel my inner jillian michael’s tonight to get in the zone…i think i’ll just shoot for a more kick butt version of me though.

and now over to the sports desk!

Ben and I had a chance over the weekend to take our neighbors and their cousin to a Bucks game…the Bucks lost, but fun was had by all.

AAAAND, excitement of excitement, we got to see the Lombardi trophy live and in person along with two of the really important Packers players (whose names are so awesome they have fled the nerdy landscape that is my mind)

(it looks bigger on tv, i know)


so fun, so exciting! ah, wisconsin…


(you like that spirit, don’t ya?)


thus concludes my broadcast for the evening, happy sliming – the spinach can be our little secret : )



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