days off and deepfryers

well hello little blog!

i have missed you this week! 

somewhere between staff meetings and swim lessons, writing curriculum and creating weight lifting routines my blog time was gobbled up by the great vermillion-eyed monster called busyness.

(if jealousy has green eyes, busyness definitely has vermillion)

so here it is thursday, wow. 

monday was a pretty eventful day, i tought my first group fitness class at the gym, which meant many hours went into developing both a kick-butt routine and the most fantastic, pump-you-up playlist of all time. i had everything from adele to robert randolph, lady gaga, hanson, and everything in between.  yeah, you wanna come take my class.  but if you can’t make it to that, you should at least check out adele’s new album “21”.  no really, do it now.

tuesday ben and i went on a half-date.  this means that the cars needed an oil change and rather than sit in the garage and wait we walked to the shops down the avenue. 

eh, we’ll take what we can get.

but on this date, we found the most fantastic little used music store near our house. 

oh. my.

if there is one thing you should know, it’s that i love items with experience.

clothes. music. books.

oh used books!

ben and i spent an hour scouring the racks of cd’s and vinyl for the hidden treasures inevitably laid in the racks at discman, and emerged with dave matthews, u2, mat kearney and an xbox game in toe for just above $20. 

this is why i love experienced items.

also on tuesday we had a record number of kids at Bible Club!  throughout the hour and a half we had 17 kids come through, but never more than 13 at once (praise God, our living room is only so big!)  it’s so exciting to see God working on the block, opening doors for us to get to know our neighbors more!

OH! and before i forget, i experienced upcycling triumph sunday morning before church

my hair is still a hot mess in the picture, but heloooo headband!

i had a slightly more mature pair of yoga pants that after one (or two) too many washings and dryings were more like yoga highwaters, so i chopped them off to capri length.

score 1: new pants.

then i cut a 2.5 inch wide strip from one of the legs and measured it to the length that fits around my head (big…) and cut it to that length. 

i still had some felt flowers laying around from my yarn wreath crafting with beth, so i added those and the bling?  courtesy of ben’s grandma happy. 

score 2: infinitely adorable headband, fo free!

i used a safety pin to attach the two ends of the yoga pant band, but maybe i’ll discover better closing hard wear before my next headbanding endeavor.

(and believe me, there will be a next endeavor)

so today was essentially a day off.  i had one client this morning, but was out of the gym and home with a mug of coffee by 7:30am.  totally counts as a day off.

as i pondered what to do with the day wide open ahead of me, my thoughts drifted to the kitchen.


the answer to the “what to do with my day off dilemma” was found, yet again, on joy the baker’s blog.

 i made doughnuts.

yes, i know, it goes against everything i believe in and stand for.

whole milk, butter, white flour, and 10 cups of oil for deep frying kind of flies in the face of the megan westra essence.

but i did it.

i ate 4 of them.

and i’m giving the rest away.

oh man.

i followed joy’s instructions to a t…including the part about taking the day off and not answering your phone.  quite relaxing really.  me, the yeast dough, and a deep fryer. 

i now smell like the floor in a mcdonald’s though.  a not-so-happy side effect.

but i highly recommend attempting the home-made doughnut if you’re ever craving intensely high calorie foods, or feeding a small army.  joy’s recipe is here.

in closing, here is some of my beloved adele (just in case you didn’t obey my listening orders from earlier)

until tomorrow!



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