purple velvet arm chairs

oh dear me, thursday again before we meet again.  deep sadness.  i simply must get better at managing my time during my non-days off!

today i find myself at starbucks.  which i hate.  the coffee is overroasted, not sustainably sourced (they could easily afford to source all their coffee fair trade instead of the miniscule percent they currently source) and i’m just not a huge fan of multinational giants in general.  keep it local. please and thank you.

but starbucks has free wi-fi, and since they are neither locally nor sustainably sourced i don’t feel bad curling up mooching their wi-fi without purchasing coffee first. 

and this one, has purple velvet arm chairs.  epic fan.


this week has been rather delightful.  ben and i went out for a breakfast date the other day before Bible Club.  fantastic idea.  talking with my soulmate over a nonfat hazelnut mocha blanco (yeah, you know you want one of those!) is much more enjoyable when i know it’s not going to keep me up past midnight. 

Bible Club was rather fantastic this week.  we celebrated Ash Wednesday with the kids, and in the middle of the lesson on repentance and reflection one of the kids sneezed the biggest, loudest, most ridiculous sneeze ever, and we all caught the giggles.  not exactly very lent like, but we brought it back in and finished the lesson out.  God’s word does not return void, even when intercepted by giggle fits.

kevin administering ashes to foreheads

after the kids received ashes on their foreheads we had them move to a station where they wrote down something they wanted to change in themselves this lent, then we taped the cards to a cross (yes, i currently have a five-foot-tall cross made of two-by-fours in my dining room, doesn’t everyone?).

we asked the kids to do this in silence, and for a group of 4-11 year olds….they did pretty well!

their responses were very good. real, attainable ways to follow God more in their day to day life. everything from “stop complaining” to “be more grateful”, “love God more” and “have mercy”. very cool how God is working, very cool indeed.

also on tuesday, our church closed on the building! i can’t remember exactly how much i’ve written about this, so the saga in a nutshell goes as follows:

transformation city meets in a movie theater for a year. randomly, the city of milwaukee decides this is no longer acceptable and kicks us out of the movie theater. tcc looks for a new home, but while empty churches are fairly easy to come by (unfortunately) empty, affordable church buildings are a little tougher to find. tcc decides to begin pursuing the purchase of an old archery center as their future home. (targets not included) tcc discovers that to get the building up to code would cost waaaaaay more than originally anticipated and the deal is off. miraculously, the archery center agrees to drop the price of the building by the exact amount needed to bring the building up to code, meaning we acquire a nice-sized warehouse with great parking in the city for next to nothing. boo-ya for Jesus!

the papers were finalized on tuesday, and we’ll have a new home come fall!

in the mean time, we are meeting in an old auction gallery and the owner, an elderly gentleman, brings graham crackers and milk every week for the kids. it’s a fantastic in-between place.

God is so, so good.

yesterday was
ben’s birthday!!!!!!

i am such an epic fan of birthdays! i pounded out some hard core (and not very healthy) cooking: pot roast, potatoes, and new york cheesecake topped with heath bars.
ben had to work all day, so he packed his birthday vittles later though, a bunch of us brought the cheesecake and threw our own little party in the mattress store.

bet you’ve never been to a birthday party in a mattress store. oh yes, epic.

the cheesecake recipe was fantastic, so i will share, i promise. making cheesecake is so relaxing, and makes for tasty spoons to lick indeed. but i forgot the recipe at home, so it will be shared at a later date, as well as my continued thoughts on richard foster, i promise i haven’t forgotten!

happy thursday everyone, and here’s hoping i talk to you again before next week : )


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