curried chicken salad and something to put it on

as an aside from dinner on tuesday and a newly discovered love of picnik….i made chicken salad yesterday.

but not just any chicken salad.

healthy chicken salad. with curry.


there aren’t any pics, but chicken salad looks like chicken salad looks like chicken salad. honestly.

curried chicken salad
you will need…
3 chicken breasts, boiled (or left in the crock pot on high for 6 hours or so works well…)
1 1/2 cups or fat-free plain yogurt
1 cup of dried cranberries
1/4 cup mango chutney
2 TBS ground curry
1 tsp cumin seed
2 TBS mango nectar
1 TBS apple cider vinegar

first, shred the chicken breasts – this is very easy to do if you use the crock pot method. then mix in yogurt, cranberries, chutney, mango nectar and vinegar. add in spices. simple. easy. delicious. serve in wrap form or over a bed of baby spinach with slices of sweet pepper. mmmmmmmmm : )


you could make a homemade bagel to slap your curried chicken salad on.  just sayin, it’s a good idea.

i made homemade bagels last weekend (a process i fully intend to repeat this weekend, fyi) and it was surprisingly easy. 

i am usually quite fearful of yeast breads, i only have about a 50% success rate when live active baking notions are invovled.  but the doughnuts turned out well, so i was feeling pretty confident.

i followed the potato bagel recipe here on “the knead for bread”.  i did not make my bagels look like stars, too complex.  and i like circles anyway.

the process looks daunting, but really, it’s a piece of cake.  or cream cheese covered bagely goodness, whatever motivates you.

i started the bagels on saturday and boiled and baked them after church on sunday.  this week, i’m starting the process tomorrow, boiling/baking saturday.  and i’m thinking instead of just plain i’ll try some flavors…like blueberry, or maybe raspberry with asiago cheese….hmmm…

anyway, however you serve your chicken salad or bagel or both i hope you enjoy them thoroughly. 

happy st. patrick’s day!

♥ meg


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