sixties and st. patty’s

it’s supposed to get up to sixty four degrees today. read that again.


i may never have been so excited in my life. 

its perfect weather for the st. patrick’s day 5k at the gym, which i am running later. it’s also perfect weather for peach blossom white tea steaped in skim with honey at the coffee shop…but then again, there really isn’t a bad forecast for that.

we welcomed the neighborhood kids in for dinner after Bible club the other night.  as always, slightly insane and completely awesome.

our friends from church will and megan (and baby tristan) provided an awesome lasagna meal that garfield the cat would have been proud of for us to share.
i love table fellowship. helping the kids learn manners (like how to pass the ranch dressing instead of getting up to walk to the other end of the table and grab it yourself). reminding the kids to eat their salad…its good stuff.





Picnik collage


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