holy shmokes batman!

over a week since i posted last – insanity!

this week has been absolutely nutty! church stuff, work, and (of utmost excitement!) preparing to ROADTRIP TO MY FRIEND AMANDA’S WEDDING!!!!


a couple of years ago, amanda and i set off to the beautiful city of asheville, nc to visit friends from camp and discover a good, hippy-twinged adventure. i don’t think either of us would have ever guessed God would used our bohemian junkets to lead us to our wonderful husbands (slash husband to be until saturday!)

all that to say, my little blog has been burried in a pile of suitcases, cleaning, lots of work at the gym (trying to cram a weeks worth of clients in to four days is not so easy…) and (of utmost importance) creating the all-time, most perfect roadtrip playlist EVER.

i’m convinced good music is more important that good gas mileage.

here’s a little sampler of what we’re jamming out to this weekend on our drive to north carolina…

doesn’t that just make you want to roadtrip with me? i knew it would : )

in other news…

i made killer mac n’ cheese last week. and it wasn’t rediculously bad for you. and it had squash hidden in it (but don’t tell my husband!)

this is how it went down:

you will need…
1 8oz block of reduced fat cream cheese (but keep it organic please!)
1lb block of sharp cheddar cheese
1/2 cup nutritional yeast
1/4 cup traditional bread crumbs
a box and a half (however many ounces that is) of whole wheat penne pasta
1 cup of plain non-fat yogurt
a spash of skim milk
dash of cayanne pepper
dash of nutmeg
16 oz. (half a carton) of Imagine Butternut Squash soup

boil the noodles in a large pot. while the noodles are cooking, in a medium sauce pan over medium heat melt cream cheese, soup, yogurt, milk and spices together. mix the cooked noodles and the cheesy sauce together till pasta is coated evenly. spray a 9×13 (or whatever casserole dish diminsions are…) dish with cooking spray and pour half the noodles into the dish. spread a thin layer of nutritional yeast over this first layer of noodles – about 1/4 cup. slice the cheddar cheese thinly and add a layer of cheese slices over the yeast. pour in remaining noodles, layer on remaining cheese slices (they should cover the full length and width of the dish). mix bread crumbs and remaining yeast together to make a crispy topping and spread liberally on top of the dish. bake at 350 for 45-55 minutes, until the cheese is bubbly and the edges are golden brown.

i have pictures of this excellent feat, but i do not have my memory card with me, so pictures are coming later : )

(i figure everyone kinda knows what mac’n cheese looks like though…)

have a wonderful weekend! i know i will!


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