i feel like i should be barefoot on a beach somewhere

but that is not such an uncommon feeling.  i’m totally digging “acoustic ziggy marley” radio on pandora presently, you should check it.  now.

you should also check these sweet synthetic fabric flowers i crafted the other night:

this used to be a rather unattractive polyester shirt i acquired at a goodwill. but don’t tout my creativity, check the source. i spent ample amounts of time over at readymade, and it was there that i discovered the art of ugly blouse into beautifully funky flower.  here’s that lovely article.

however, rather than attach my flowers to bobby pins – which i rarely use except to tame my somewhat unruley ponytail –  i decided to make a necklace, becuase i wear those quite frequently.


insert fanfare! so fun! so funky! i’m hooked, and i’m done buying jewelry. unfortunate polyester blouses from the 70’s however…

i think i may be about caught up after our weekend away…isn’t it tragically funny how housework and work-work seem to multiply like rabbits when you go on vacation!? so sad.

happy weekending, dear reader. enjoy your Savior, some sun, and some ziggy (theological views not endorsed).

♥ megan


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