hello again

so…we’re just not even going to talk about how long it’s been since i wrote. some things are just best left alone.

since i last posted, several very cool things have happened:

– i got to fly FIRST FREAKING CLASS from Cincinnati to Boston. My own private, airborne coffee shop? yes, kind of like that. and if i ever have all the money in the world, AIDS is cured, world hunger is resolved, and all the orphans are placed in families – i will do it again.

– we got stuck in an airport (not cool), but the airline gave us free meal vouchers (very cool).

– (more important than either of the priors) we got to visit Ben’s family for Easter! such a blessing!

– my little thyme plant has been the sole survivor of the great, nasty winter from my kitchen window herb “garden” – the little guy is starting to flourish in the spring sun! i think i’ll name him tony, tony thyme
little tony is making me very excited to plant good growing things in our beds out back. hopefully my thumb is a little greener this year.

– i gave my makeup bag a good spring “greening”, goodbye old makeup filled with toxins and carcinogens; hello bare minerals 🙂

– i also filled a portion of our fridge with natural, plant-based, face scrubs. i’m trying to invest in some self care, can you tell?
for evenings try this recipe:
– 1/4 cup table sugar
– 1 TBS oatmeal
– approx. 2 TBS oil (olive, almond, hemp, etc.)
after washing your face and removing makeup apply sparingly over the face using a circular motion. the sugar is a great exfoliator, removing dead skin cells and dirt from the day. oil moisturizes and oatmeal soothes. rinse off with warm water.

for the mornings try this one:
– 1/4 cup used coffee grounds
– 2 TBS olive oil
– 1/2 TBS oatmeal

first thing in the morning gently apply this mix to the under eye area – BE GENTLE! spread using your ring finger for lightest pressure. the caffeine in the coffee helps stimulate blood flow, reducing under eye circles and puffiness. coffee grounds are rough though – hence (i’ll say it again) BE GENTLE and don’t scratch your tender eyes up.

– we dyed easter eggs with the kids on the block. i love anything involving kids, creativity and a high-mess potential.


everyone had blue, green or purple hued fingertips by the end of the eggstravagansa. a good time had by all.


AAAAAND of very high importance…


(a couple weeks ago…they’re long gone, sorry)

thank you, joy the baker, once again you bring happiness to my heart and calories to my belly.

i knew as soon as i saw the title “brown butter toasted coconut chocolate chip cookies” that it would be an epic day of baking, how little i truly understood what was about to unfold in my kitchen.

first of all, i didn’t even know what brown butter was.  it just sounded like a good idea.  warm and creamy.  and nutty, as i would soon find out.

so i sliced up my two (yep, two) sticks of butter and set to browning with a deep paranoia of burning my butter.  solution: keeping watch (i’m talking, glued to the stove) with whisk in hand.


the results were smashing.

(who says a little paranoia is a bad thing?!)

i had effectively reduced my two (yes, two) sticks of butter to about 3/4 cup of liquidy warm nutty goodness.

i followed joy’s recipe seamlessly.  minus the fact that i used white chocolate chips and toffee bits in place of the dark chocolate.   oh, and i used a mix of whole wheat pastry and oat flours (because i had to retain some kind of health value).

to run down that rabbit trail, i do love oat flour.  great texture for baking.
so go to joy’s page. follow her recipe.  eat the equivalent of 3 cookies in dough, and then another 4 once they’re baked.  then give the rest away, because goodness knows these babies are baked to be consumed.

there is MUCH MUCH more to be said about my life in the past few weeks, but that would just make for an obscenely long post.  ere go, i’ll leave you alone with pictures of children covered in dye and cookies to drool over.



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