the world beyond British Royals getting hitched

i’m pretty excited this whole Royal Wedding thing is over.

don’t get me wrong, i, like most every adolescent girl in the late 90’s, went through my epic “prince william is a hottie” phase. i also firmly believe world news and events are important to keep up on.

but really!?


meanwhile, in the world not intensely covered by reality tv, over 500 Indian slaves were set free from a brick kiln in Chennai, India.

you want a fairytale? it doesn’t get any more real than this.

132 of these slaves were children.

starving, living in tiny huts, not allowed rest.

these people are free now.

if the royal wedding didn’t satisfy your fairytale fix, read more about this amazing story here or here.

over to local news…

our church has started keeping a blog, which i may or may not be writing for from time to time. you can read things that our housemate Ben writes though, and he’s far better at painting portaits of our life in the community house that i will ever be.

you can (and quite frankly should) read about some recent events in the house here.

and looking ahead at our blogging forecast…

i made avacado hummus yesterday. and it was fantastic.

recipe coming soon.



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