product review: aveda smooth infusion hair care

can i make a confession?

i love reggae music. like, a lot.

and sometimes, when i’m doing the whole self-talk thing in my brain, i speak to myself in a jamaican accent. 

true story.

can i make another confession?

this was the worst hair week of my life.

no, it’s not a pregnancy deal. i know, hormones do all kinds of crazy things to your hair when your pregnant. nope. that had nothing to do with this.

my bad hair week had everything to do with swimming and running out of conditioner.

i’m a pretty avid swimmer. in addition to training at the gym, i teach private swim lessons to adults and kids.

prior to finding out about our new arrival i was swimming about a mile a couple times per week, and i still swim half of a mile 2-3 days a week.

my hair always takes a beating. sweat. chlorine. and it’s naturally dry to begin with. stellar.

so monday, i swim, it’s all good. i shower, it’s not all good.

i’m dry bottle, turn it upside down and shake it, stick your fingers inside and scrape, out of conditioner.

so i shampoo, i figure it’s best to clean the chlorine out of my hair than do nothing at all.

i go teach a weight lifting class, sweat a little.

fortunately for me, my job makes ponytails totally acceptable on a daily basis.

no one judges you for bad hair at the gym, contrary to common female fears.


it was bad.

my love for reggae and my intensely bad hair almost brought me to the point of living out my deep-seeded dream of having dreadlocks.

it seemed like the easier option.

but i had coupons!

coupons for free trial sizes of shampoo, conditioner and style-prep cream from aveda.

aveda does some pretty good stuff.

their products are paraben free, 97% organically derived, sustainably sourced and they recycle all their packaging. you take your bottles back to your salon or store. way to go!

so i took my coupon, bad hair and all, and went to get my trial products.

i was nervous, not gonna lie.

people judge you at hair salons for having bad hair. it’s not like the gym.

the stylist was super nice and very helpful, she didn’t even try to hard sell me on anything when i used my freebie coupon. props.

she took time explaining to me about the origins of the products ingredients, aveda’s environmental and social stances, and how to use the products.

“only use a pea-sized amount of the style-prep cream,” she explained, “well, actually, let me see your hair…[looks, but survives] make it a LARGE sized pea.”


bad hair, i know.

but all around, pleasent experience.

here are my thoughts, post trial:

i love…
– the SMELL! oh my goodness! it’s like a stylist has taken you to the rainforest to make over your pseudo-dreads and drink mimosas. just the right combination of fruity, fresh and high end salon.
– my scalp felt tingly and clean, not dry or itchy in the slightest.
– i had zero, ZERO tangles left when i got out of the shower. ZERO. wowed.
– the styling cream feels like fairy dust and first kisses. no lie.
– my hair felt very light, but had lots of smooth volume. best of all three world.
– my hair still looked good even after teaching in and by the pool for an hour and a half, and even the next morning i had no tangles and little frizz. when i curled it the next morning it held the style much better than normal.

the one thing i didn’t love so much…
– my hair wasn’t as soft as i would’ve hoped it would be, not that it was bad at all, it just didn’t live up to my softness expectation.

end result: worth it, if you can afford it.
aveda products can be on the pricier end of things for me ($21 for full sized bottles of the shampoo and conditioner i tried) but i loved them far more than any other organic/natural hair care i’ve tried so far, and i had to use less of them to get results i liked. i think i’d like to try their moisturizing or repairing formula though in hopes of upping the softness factor.

the stylists proved helpful, genuine and knowledgable without being pushy, i appreciate that.

the style-prep cream is what was really worth it for me, i mean really? cream that feels like fairy dust and first kisses, magic and shooting stars, christmas morning and the first bite of that pint of ben and jerry’s all rolled into one? i can dig it.



4 thoughts on “product review: aveda smooth infusion hair care

  1. i received and email with a coupon for free trial sized bottles, so i actually haven’t “bought” anything yet 🙂 i’m going to finish up the bottles of hair product i do have first. those prices are about a dollar or so cheaper than in the store…with shipping it would be about the same probably.

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