this kid can move!

yesterday i was at the gym for 12 hours.  twelve. hours.  i was only working with clients or teaching classes for half of those, but i was still beyond exhausted when i crawled into the house last night around 7.

i grabbed quick dinner and settled into the couch to read and relax.  clearly, baby and i were not in agreement on this plan.

i’ve never felt this kid move so much in my life!  in someways, that was very reassuring.  i’m still pretty small for 20 weeks, even though supposedly baby is the size of a cantaloupe (really, not fitting inside me right now) and get asked frequently at work if i’m sure i’m pregnant. 


oh goodness, yes, there is definitely a baby inside me.

so i read, and baby dubs jumped around in my belly for three hours till ben got home.  apparently, my intestines make a lovely trampoline.

we’re over halfway now!  i can’t wait to meet our little person!



6 thoughts on “this kid can move!

  1. Why did you not tell me about this blog? Naughty girl. I heard about it from Courtney. Which, incidentally, is how I hear about everything.

    I’m enjoying it. Intensely and immensely. I will be back often and coughin’. All right, the second rhyme didn’t make as much sense.

  2. …but it made me smile 🙂

    sorry, i didn’t even think to tell you about it, i guess i just kind of assume there is some sort of information osmosis from the lower to the upper. which is stupid, because there totally isn’t. and i think in most scenarios, that’s a very good, very anti-creepy thing.

    dear ben,
    thanks for listening to courtney and coming to read. i’m sorry i didn’t tell you of my blogging presence earlier. you’re awesome.


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