the coffee shop greeting card

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
– howard thurman

i read that today on a greeting card while waiting for my decaf pumpkin white mocha, isn’t that fantastic?!   way to go coffee shop greeting cards.

saturday’s are made for things of this nature.  doing the things that make you feel alive.  drinking pumpkin white mochas.  wearing yoga pants, long sleeved t-shirts and flip flops, and taking long hot showers.

that is what saturday’s in the fall are all about for me.

in the summer, saturday’s are all about flip flops, farmer’s markets, big yellow tote bags and breezy cotton sundresses that you can wear whatever the heck kind of underwear you want with them.  preferably with pockets.

every woman knows what kind of dress i’m talking about.

this past saturday i did something i loved.  something that made me feel alive.  not because it was productive or needed, but because i wanted to do it.

we become such pseudo-martyrs of ourselves.  we create busyness in our minds – whether our reality is busy or not – and then moan like dying cattle about how our lives are so hard and so busy and we never get to do the things we love.

i do that anyway.

saturday was my puh-leeze, shut up! day to my inner moaning, dying, pseudo-martyred cow.

i let myself be creative.

a long while back, i posted about how i wanted to do something new and creative every day.

ha!  yeah, that happened.

it all started when i ran across a post talking about how you could convert your old cardboard toilet paper tubes into leaves and flowers, creating really fun, fantastic, super green wall art.

i’m such a sucker for stuff like that.

so i bit, i started saving cardboard tubes and asking everyone i knew (who wouldn’t think i was crazy) to do the same.

but then, like most things in my life, the tubes sat untouched – but very much thought of – for months.

my little pile grew and grew and began to cascade out of my sorely underused craft cabinet.

a few weeks ago, our pastors son was at our house for Bible club.  while we waited for his dad to show up to give him a ride home i asked him if he wanted to color.

i opened the burgeoning cabinet and the little boy’s eyes grew wide

“you should really do something with all this stuff.”


out of the mouths of babes.

it’s true.  i needed to.

do what makes you feel alive, because the world needs people who are alive.

not a bunch of moaning, dying, pseudo-martyr cows.


4 thoughts on “the coffee shop greeting card

  1. This summer, I learned something awesome. We’re made in the image of God, right? So, we’re like God. What was the first thing we know that He did? CREATE. So, whether we admit it or not, we are ALL creative beings. YAY FOR CREATIVITY! 🙂

    • I too got excited, with the whole idea about underwear with pockets… And what is cool, is that several companies actually make them… Now I just need to find one that is leopard print.

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