forty-nine days

is the count to our official due date.

which means, we really plan on meeting our little girl sometime in the next 42-56 days. i’m just kind of blacking out those few weeks at the end of january and first part of february as the “cadence arrival window” instead of fixating on a date. sage advise from an experienced friend.

either way, 42, 49, 56 days…not a whole lot of time. so we continue to roll along with putting the nursery together – a project that got that much easier after my shower last week.

i am super blessed to have some fantastically creative people in my life. like, fantastically creative.

exibit A:

mixed media, largely upcycled and devastatingly beautiful. my dear friend Alya is an artistic genius.

close up of the text.

love, love, love!

exibit B:

this lovely piece was made by my friend doreen – who is also quite the photographer.

the text (in case you can’t read it) says:

“she knew that she was formed by God’s hands,
dreamed up in His heart
and placed in this world for a purpose”

which is beautiful beyond belief.

again, love, love, love!

i also have people in my life who make adorable little cupcake hats…

…and the sweetest little animal shoes you’ve ever seen

you should really check out her shop greetings from yesteryear on etsy!


and that doesn’t even scratch the surface of all  the wonderful, creative handmade (and hand picked!) goodies Cadence received at her shower!  we are truly so blessed and thankful.

thank you everyone!



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