nest, nest, nest, nest

i’m 36 weeks pregnant and it’s christmas.

i feel like my life is one eternal crafting or decorating project right now, not that i’m complaining, i just need to put my glue gun down long enough to blog about it.

in the past week, i’ve crafted:

– the most adorable little hair bows for cadence
– a ribbon board to clip all those hair bows to
– i FINALLY finished turning an old door into a chalk board/menu board for the kitchen
– christmas tree ornaments
and orange pomanders

i’m also halfway through filling out my christmas cards, the linen closet has been reorganized, and i’ve been editing photos like my life depends on it.

i could get used to this crazy nesting energy.

i also found the coolest thing at the co-op this week…

baby kale.

microgreens and winter citrus, does it get any better?

and just in case you like your citrus sans kale, check out these guys!

these are pomanders.

i made them once, a long time ago when i was a little girl obsessed with anything american girl.

joy the baker reminded me of how fun and festive these delightful little olfactory treats can be.


repeat after me: don’t eat the pomander.


do wrap your oranges up in yarn or ribbon and poke cloves in them.


it smells like christmas already.




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