i love avocados.

i thought about writing an ode to the avocado (hence, title) but then things just got far too silly.

even for me…which is saying something.

i love what a wealth of nutrients the avocado is.

i love the tender, creamy, melt in your mouth like butter flesh of the avocado.

i love that it falls into the obscure “is it a fruit…or a vegetable” category along with my other great love – the tomato.

and what better thing to do with an avocado than to make some guacamole and glob large amounts of it onto the best salad i may have ever had in my life.

simple. easy. divine.

thank you, avocado.

i’m a firm believer in the fact that guacamole is incredibly subjective. personally, i’m a heavy on the lime and salt and ex-nay on the jalapenos kind of girl. i realize this is appalling to some people, i embrace that. i’m okay with you and your jalapeno-laden guac…just don’t make me eat it.

roughly, my guacamole recipe is this:

– perfectly ripened avocados (duh)
– lime juice, and plenty of it
– yellow onion
– garlic (freshly crushed, of course)
– fresh tomatoes
– sea salt
– generous amounts of cumin
– a shot of cayenne pepper
– just a swig of olive oil
and just the smallest dab of honey you’ve ever seen. the sweet-spicy-salty-tangy flavor is essential.

i never measure anything when i make guac. i just keep mixing and mashing things in till it tastes right.

this is also a great way to eat about half of an avocado all by

so tonight, i made guacamole using the ingredients listed above in various proportions which i couldn’t even begin to tell you.

except there were definitely five avocados. i know that.

then i made a salad to put under my guac, because eating guacamole straight out of the bowl with a fork made me feel entirely too much like a crazy pregnant lady.

(which is not altogether untrue…)

the salad went roughly something like this:

– a large amount of baby spinach
– a clementine
– grape tomatoes

simple. easy. divine.

then i melted down just a touch of coconut oil and barely brushed some whole wheat tortillas (i’m obsessed with trader joe’s truly handmade whole wheat tortilla’s. they’re one of the the few brands with no hydrogenated oils) with it and baked them on 400 for about 10 minutes, just till they turned crunchy and i put them next to my salad.

highly, highly recommended.

yum ♥


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