Weekend Reading (Because you really can’t sleep in THAT late…)

thought provoking picks:

The Scandal of the Evangelical Heart
(really, if you only have time to read one thing this weekend, read this one)

Sovereign Grace Ministries: Courts Shouldn’t ‘Second Guess’  Pastoral Counseling of Sex Abuse Victims

Courage to Be Different
(i love this one especially in light of my 2013 word of the year)

I Hate Loving Mark Driscoll

Nonviolence for White People

India’s Next Revolution

I Was A Stranger
(I’m taking the 40 day challenge – you should join me!)


food i’m totally noshing on:

well, i ate toast and gatorade for the first half of the week.

(stupid 24 hour stomach bug)

then we had an impromptu cookie party at our house on Tuesday night and my friend Chelsea brought over these bad boys…yum.


best conversation:
(between me and J. – a first-grader in our after-school program.)

J: What’s a meeting?
Me: Well, a meeting is when adults sit down and talk about ideas for a couple of hours.
J: huh?
Me: Okay, let’s say you and I are going to have a meeting. We go to get coffee…
J: (interrupting) I want tea.
Me: Okay, you can have tea.
J: Well, what are you drinking?
Me: I’m drinking coffee. So we sit down to drink our tea and coffee and I ask you, “J, what should we have for lunch tomorrow?  apples or bananas?”
J: Apples. I don’t like bananas.
Me: but I really want bananas, and they’re so good for you.
J: but I don’t like bananas.
Me: THAT is what a meeting is like.  And after about an hour we would have decided whether we were going to eat apples or bananas.
J: That’s terrible.


Resonating in my soul:
The Serenity Prayer

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.”


Top post: Why?

….and I’m still drinking Ethiopian coffee.  Just in case you were wondering.

What’s your weekend look like?   What were your favorite posts this week?


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