Weekend Reading (and I would like to give you a really awesome book)

This kid is my new hero,  favorite philosopher and role model.

you. must. watch.

Thought provoking picks:

She’s (Rarely) the Boss

Virginity: New & Improved!

Top Air Force General: Sexual Assault Numbers are ‘Apalling’

Awesome Six-Year-Old Girl Writes to Hasbro About Gender Inequality in Guess Who

Mad Men (and Women) of Christianity

Sex-Trafficking at the Super Bowl
(okay, so this post is a year old, but it bears repeating because it is still true – and perhaps even more so – this year.)

Scripture that is resonating:
Exodus 22 and 23

This weeks top post:
Sideways Glance

And to go along with my series on Half the Church I want to give you your very own copy of this wonderful book!

To enter, follow the link to Rafflecopter below.  There are TONS of ways to get entered, and you can enter more than once!

Entries will close next Saturday, February 9, at  midnight central time.

Good luck!

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4 thoughts on “Weekend Reading (and I would like to give you a really awesome book)

  1. I love this video! So inspiring. The Super Bowl and sex trafficking article is so important. A year or two ago, when the Super Bowl was in Dallas, a few people from our church went out and talked to people about the issue and to be on high alert for anything that they saw might be suspicious. It’s crazy to think that that kind of a thing can happen in our own backyards!

    P.S. – I found your blog through Carolyn Custis James’ Twitter.

    • Mikaela, welcome and thanks so much for reading!

      I was pretty excited about the retweet from Carolyn 🙂

      Love that your church sent people out to the Super Bowl, that’s fantastic.

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