The weekend I didn’t read (but I did choose a winner!)

This weekend we are dedicating Cadence.

We are also throwing her a birthday party.

We also have family in town visiting us for said dedication and birthday party.


In light of this, there has been no running shorts with ugg-boot slippers.  There has been no leisurely coffee drinking (although there has been a LOT of coffee…) and there has been very little reading in my world.

Deep sadness, deep.

But I did find time to select a winner to receive a copy of Half the Church. I really just wish I could give each and every one of you a copy.  Really.  It’s fantastic.  On my list of must-reads for sure.

Mikaela – congratulations!  I will be emailing you shortly to find out where to send your copy of Half the Church.  Now the rest of you – go buy it.  Now.




I did read some Brother Lawrence this week, and as a result even in the insanity that has been my past week it has been a good week for prayer.  So in the time you would spend reading my links on women, slavery and other social justice related issues, stop to pray.  

Pray for the women we read about. 

Pray for the children and adults enslaved today. 27 million strong.

Pray for those you know who are sick and hurting.

Pray for bigger dreams and eyes to see just how big God’s plan for you and for humanity is.

Pray, pray, pray my friends.


I find sometimes that it’s easier to ignore prayer than to do it, because when I start praying for the people in my life, names and situations just keep coming to mind and I can’t stop. 

It’s overwhelming.

The hurt. The brokenness.  The pain.  Even the joys.

Absolutely overwhelming.


I try to cram my prayers into designated time slots

and prayer doesn’t always fit in its pre-approved box.


It messes up my schedule.

So sometimes I ignore it.


(and maybe that’s just me)


But this weekend, let us let prayer ruin our schedules.  Let it wreck our plans.  Let yourself be found curled up at the feet of your Creator, on the rug next to your Savior with the Spirit putting words to feelings so deep you cannot even groan over them.


Be prayerful, dear ones.


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