Weekend Reading

It was a hard week.  Hard weeks are good though.  They serve to remind me that I am – on my own – simply dust and a little breath.

It’s the Spirit alone within me that brings life out of this mire.


There was some good reading going on in the midst though, here are my favorites:

The Most Frightening Verse in the Bible (at least for me)

Mayors Challenge Finalist: Milwaukee
(have I mentioned how much i love my city and all the creative individuals who live here!?)

“The missionaries brought us the Bread of Life, but we choked on the packaging”

Displaced women still vulnerable in Mogadishu
(in Somalia you can go to jail for being raped and then telling someone. true story.  get involved in stopping this atrocity here.)

Dr. Eve Bruce Discusses her time at Edna Hospital
(because there is much brokenness, but in the midst of Somalia in the unrecognized nation of Somaliland, there is much hope as well.)

My Deeper Story
(good thoughts for parents regardless of what parenting style or philosophy you ascribe to.)

10 Reasons Why Men Should Not Be Ordained for Ministry
(this is almost a year old, but a friend just shared it with me this week. awesomeness.)

Scripture that’s resonating:
Isaiah 58 has been absolutely wrecking me this Lent.

On my playlist:
Hillsong United from about 7 years ago.

In my coffee pot:
Donuts Friend blend by Anodyne Coffee Roasters

Noshing on:
Lacto-Vegetarian Friendly Biscuits and Gravy Casserole
(born out of a fusion of these 2 recipes and using field roast sausage)

Favorite Printed Read:
“With your deepest grace,
amid your keenest lack,
by your most lavish devotion,
from your truest self,
may you minister to the Christ
who goes hungering and thirsting
in this world.”

– From In the Sanctuary of Women by Jan L. Richardson –

My go-to for a smile:

182612_557535494265445_65505222_n(chuck & beans via facebook)

May the God of peace grant you perfect peace, rest and a smile that reaches the deep corners of your soul this weekend.



2 thoughts on “Weekend Reading

  1. Let me know when you need some ALTERRA coffee for the pot. I’m foregoing caffeine for Lent and “need” to give away my free pounds until Easter.

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