Weekend Reading

7 Worst International Aid Ideas
“Shoelessness, such as it is, is a symptom of a much bigger and more complex problem. And while donating a pair of shoes helps shoelessness, it does not help poverty.  Things like jobs help poverty. Jobs making things like shoes, for example. But TOMS doesn’t make its shoes in Africa, it makes them in China where it’s presumably cheaper to make two pairs of shoes and give one away than it is to get people in a needier community to make one pair of shoes.”
(thanks Lynda!)

“a 2007 study found that nonwhite parents are about three times more likely to talk about race with their kids than white parents…Kids notice race. When adults don’t talk about it with them, they start to make inaccurate assumptions about racial differences and interracial interactions.”
“Thing is, the Jesus that I follow is a man. He is not, in any universe, a dude. He did not encrypt a secret message into the parables for only the guys to understand (and relay to the wives); he did not make crass boob jokes; and he would be turning over some tables in our governing bodies if he knew how many forms of abuse were  socially acceptable today–not to mention legal.”
“‘Sex is not work,’ she said. ‘God did not create any woman for the purpose, excuse me, that she be a cum receptacle.'”
“[Ron] Sider is rhetorically unsparing: ‘The AARP is a selfish lobby demanding things for seniors even though modest sacrifices would help us reduce the deficit and enable us to spend more on crucial things like better education for our children.’ He implores seniors to rise above ‘selfish’ interests and ‘make some sacrifices for our children and grandchildren.’”
(this man’s integrity amazes me.)
“In Pakistan, rural communities say Nestlé is bottling ans selling valuable groundwater near villages that can’t afford clean water.”
(emphasis mine)
“As the woman got back to her seat and began singing about the arms of Jesus she realized that she was just embraced by Jesus through this young teenage girl. That Jesus had seen her pain and embraced her.”
(reasons why I love my church!)
“I’ll be disturbed by the 18-year-olds I regularly see on adoption photolistings who, despite being old enough to live independently, place themselves on national photolistings because they desperately want a mom and a dad in their adult life. Because, in one teen’s words, he ‘wants to become a member of a permanent family’.”
(this is an older post, but i read it for the first time this week. thank you Nicole!)
Food I’m totally noshing on:
(I halved the ganache recipe and added 1tsp of smoked sea salt)
Happy weekend everyone!

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