Jesus, Stripping and Gospel Music
Jesus, look, you know me.  If you’ll have me, as is, I promise I’ll give you my whole life.  If you can forgive me, take away this hella guilt and shame, I will follow you to the ends of this f—-d up earth.  Amen.”

Our Long, Uneasy Tension Between God and Country
“As Christians, we are at war with ourselves to love and follow Jesus fully, yet we have sometimes communicated that our nation—a nation full of people with diverse faiths and no faith at all—consistently represents God’s will on earth. This is a dangerous patriotism. It lacks common sense, and it is bad theology…Our nation has a unique history of acknowledging God, not of obeying Him.”

What our Daughters (and sons) Need to Know About Modesty
“Biblical modesty is about valuing a person as much more than a body, but the above mentioned legalism combined with the shame and manipulation used to get women to cover up is really just telling us that our hearts don’t matter, our bodies do. That ultimately our relationship with Jesus comes down to how much cleavage we are showing.”

“Our nations and peoples have been pushed aside to scraps of land that are largely unwanted and out of the way. The majority of people who visit us are those coming to give us charity or those coming to take pictures at the ‘Native American zoo’. Very few actually come for friendship.”

When Your Mother Says She’s Fat
“Now I understand what it’s like to grow up in a society that tells women that their beauty matters most, and at the same time defines a standard of beauty that is perpetually out of our reach. I also know the pain of internalizing these messages. We have become our own jailors and we inflict our own punishments for failing to measure up. No one is more cruel to us than we are to ourselves.But this madness has to stop, Mom. It stops with you, it stops with me, and it stops now. We deserve better—better than to have our days brought to ruin by bad body thoughts, wishing we were otherwise.”

O, For a Thousand Tongues to Sing
once a word or name becomes familiar, it doesn’t matter where it came from.And that’s true of all of us, Words, Names, Places, And our neighbor And the one who isn’t And the one who looks out from the mirror Wondering.”

Gitmo is Killing Me
“I’ve been detained at Guantánamo for 11 years and three months. I have never been charged with any crime. I have never received a trial.

I could have been home years ago — no one seriously thinks I am a threat — but still I am here.”

Momaquery – On Criticism vs. Cruelty
“If a woman decides to reveal a part of herself- that is not an excuse for other people to hurt her. And if you do decide to hurt her where she’s vulnerable- if you see a part of her that’s showing and pounce on that part- if you sink your teeth into her exposed flesh – that shows who YOU are, not who she is.

Revealing the truth about who God made me does not release you from your responsibility to be a decent human being.”

I also…

did this thing a few weeks ago where I preached about Biblical equality at my church on a Sunday morning.   If you have 45 minutes to kill and want to learn about equality from Creation to Nicea and into today, you should check it out.  Boys vs. Girls.

Within the very being of God we are given a picture of complete alliance, three persons working within one and the same will to accomplish God’s own purposes – Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  This is the image which we were designed to bear.  This is the glimpse of God we were intended to put forth to the world God so desperately loves and desires to redeem.  But we cannot portray this image on our own. No single gender can advance or clarify the image of God to this broken and hurting world without the partnership of the other.


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