Watch, and feel as though maybe there is hope for the world:
The Story of Kakenya

Because this is important:
Q&A: Threatened Strike on Syria
Human Rights Groups Divided Over Potential Syria Intervention

Good Reads:
People of Color Blog Too (25 Christian Blogs You Should Be Reading) 
More to the point, the fact that privileged folks continue to enjoy the largest voice in evangelical Christianity directly contradicts the example of Jesus, who masterfully used his privileged voice to draw attention to and give voice to the oppressed voices of his day. Jesus used his platform to create space for the bleeding woman to share her story, for the little children to come swap stories with him, and for alienated ethnic minorities to talk about their experiences and perspectives on faith.”

Dear Son, Don’t Let Robin Thicke be a Lesson to You
“this gives you an idea of the full scene: A 36 year old married man and father, grinding against an intoxicated 20 year old while singing about how she’s an ‘animal’ and the ‘hottest bitch in this place.’ And what happens the next day? We’re all boycotting the 20 year old. The grown man gets a pass.”

When Your (Brown) Body is a (White) Wonderland 
“I am not surprised that so many overlooked this particular performance of brown bodies as white amusement parks in Cyrus’ performance. The whole point is that those round black female bodies are hyper-visible en masse but individually invisible to white men who were, I suspect, Cyrus’ intended audience.”

How NOT To Comment On A Christian Blog
“You think I’m wrong. No problem, you’re free to disagree.

But you know what won’t get me to agree with you or even be interested in seeing things from your perspective?
Telling me I’m going to hell for not affirming your understanding of atonement metaphysics, then feigning grace by offering judgmental “prayer” that God will force me to see things your way.

You know what that sort of approach makes you? 
A pharisee.”

Aristotle vs. Jesus: What Makes the New Testament Household Codes Different
So when Peter and Paul introduce Jesus to the household, everything changes. Rather than placing the male head-of-house at the sovereign center, Peter and Paul place Jesus Christ at the center. And with Jesus Christ at the center, all the old boundaries break down and the hierarchies begin to blur.”

The Declaration of Sentiments
“’He has endeavored, in every way that he could, to destroy her confidence in her own powers, to lessen her self-respect, and to make her willing to lead a dependent and abject life.’”


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