“But perhaps, if I am patient – if I don’t lose hope, if I trust the soil and water it well – the tree will keep growing, and those birds I’ve been throwing seeds at will find a place to rest instead. 
The Kingdom is slow.
Perhaps I should stop rushing it. 

Perhaps I’m not waiting on it as much as it is waiting on me. “

Calling Out the Evangelical Culture of Sexual Abuse
“This is about power and control, and you’d damn well better believe that men sexually forcing themselves on women have some disturbing notions of power that need to be exiled from the church immediately.”

Mark Driscoll makes pacifists fighting mad
“Pastor Driscoll and I actually have a lot in common. We’re both conservative, reformed evangelicals, who think Calvin got it right more times than not. We both love baseball, hot wings, good beer, and hard-hitting hour-long sermons. But I’m genuinely confused at how Mark can read the Bible and still be so adamantly convinced that non-violence has little (or no) biblical merit. I can’t help but think that Mark has been more shaped by the worldview of those who put Jesus on the cross than the One who hung on it. It was the Roman empire, and not Jesus and not his followers for hundreds of years, that had no place for pacifism.”

The Positive Alternative
“By His wounds we are healed, the scriptures say. He was wounded for us, and it was love that led him there. And the deeper I walk towards obeying and loving Christ, the more wounded I feel. Because He never once promised us safe. He never once promised us security. Instead, He promised us his kingdom, where there are more miracles and traumas than I ever thought possible.”

In which we’re not afraid of you
“I’m the one who knows the Bible tells the story of wholeness and restoration, the Spirit demonstrates it, the community affirms it. I’m the one who believes that life in the Kingdom of God starts now: I’m setting up my little bonfire, a little outpost on the shore. This is my light and I’m going to let it shine: you are loved, you are free.”

“I’m a little angry at myself and the world. I’m a little angry. And that’s okay. Sometimes angry is okay. Angry is okay when you’ve spent your entire damn life trying to become as small and insignificant as possible. Even though you KNOW that’s a lie. Even though you are HUGE, and you know it. But you are afraid to really be HEARD. Because since you are a woman – you have to choose between being HEARD and LOVED. And you choose loved. You have always chosen Loved.”

Masters and Slaves, Husbands and Wives
“Augustine was an avid student of Plato’s philosophy.  Plato wrote about life in terms of dualities.  One of these dualities was “flesh” and “spirit.”  Plato believed that in order to be moral, a person’s spirit must rule over the passions of the flesh.  When Augustine saw that Eve was referred to as “flesh,” he wrongly assumed that Adam must be symbolic of the spirit.  Just as spirit must rule flesh, Adam must have ruled over Eve.  Augustine did not get this idea from the Bible.  He borrowed it from non-biblical ancient Greek philosophy.”

On Our Shoulders
“Suffering in this world is our business, and he intends for his image bearers to take action in relieving it.
As women, we are often encouraged to embrace a smaller vision of God’s calling on our lives. Much of what we are told tends to narrow our focus to our own spiritual health and making sure our personal lives are on track. Rarely is our attention drawn beyond hearth and home to consider others who are in desperate need of our care and advocacy. We draw the parameters of our responsibility far narrower than what God has in mind. Sometimes, we even embrace a notion that is utterly foreign to what it means to bear God’s image in this world, namely that responsibility for those kinds of things belongs to someone else.”


4 thoughts on “Weekend Reading

  1. Great list, Megan. I would have been sorry to have missed Ed’s post on abuse – that is a great resource and I’ve pinned it to The Junia Project Pinterest board. I have seen the video on shrinking several times, but Momastery put into words some of the feelings I had while watching – another great find. Thanks for the work you did in collecting these!

  2. These potent post-its make me feel as though I’m wandering through a party of well-read, well-spoken people, all arguing and all right; I want to sneak away to the bathroom, hide in a stall, perhaps throw up, but you grab me by the elbow and I keep listening.

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