Life Interrupted: Mindfulness and Community in a Culture of Rugged Individualism
“As I have grown as a follower of Christ, I have come to believe that one of the greatest challenges we as modern believers face is the temptation to conform to a culture that encourages individualism and independence over shared community.  In our increasingly fast-paced society, it has become easier to separate ourselves from the world around us.   With emails to answer, dinner to make, and kids to run to soccer practice, we can become consumed with convenience.  We can lose sight of the incredible notion that we are all inextricably linked as the beloved of God.”

In which I’m a feminist, sure, but first I’m a disciple of Jesus Christ 
“When I chose to follow Jesus, it meant I chose to apprentice myself to his way of life and living in the world.
If we want to live counter-culturally as disciples, we have to live our lives and seek mercy and do justice counter-culturally as well. It’s tempting to want to employ the same tactics and arguments or methods that have been used on us or others but that is a temptation we must resist.  I don’t believe that silencing and shaming and other tactics of the world will really bring about God’s redemptive movement for women. We are to be gentle as doves and cunning as serpents.”

How Music Could Make You a Rocket Scientist
“Children exposed to a wide variety of arts and crafts were more likely to eventually invent something so unique that they earned a patent, or come up with an idea good enough to form a new company, or publish provocative papers on science and technology.

That led them to conclude that cutbacks by the educational system on creative subjects — whether it be music, art or woodworking — may deprive the nation of the kind of innovation it will need to remain at the top of the global heap.”

On similar misandry in Christian fundamentalism and consumer capitalism?
“And yes, it’s true, if Sarah’s quote above is the description of how men are seen in American Christian fundamentalism and likewise-minded circles, it does not differ much at all of how the media and the advertisement industry in our Western system of consumer capitalism is constantly abusing us, just for profit.
The only big and very substantial difference here is that fundamentalism wants to stop this, to keep men down and to draws walls around them and puts us in boxes imprisoned by guilt, and that consumer capitalism abuses it, that it wants to make money out of it, reducing both men and women to less than humans for the sake of Mammon, which is very, very, very, low.”

My Problem with the Word “Biblical”
“And so this idea that the Bible presents a comprehensive guide for relationships that is Biblical is, in fact, not a Biblical idea. Nor is it ‘biblical’ for us to use the Bible as a guide to understand science. Or psychology or finances or a guide for how to build a church. In fact, our desire to use the book as an end-all be-all for all things earthly and spiritual is a misuse of it.”

Homosexuality, Evangelicalism and The Danger of a Single Story
“Can you imagine if people spoke of the ‘heterosexual lifestyle’ and pointed to footage of women flashing their breasts at men to receive beads at Mardi Gras as the single example? Or if they spoke of the ‘heterosexual agenda’ and used Miley Cyrus as the single spokesperson?”

5 churchy phrases that are scaring off millennials
“It may just be semantics, but being loved on feels very different than being simplyloved. The former connotes a sudden flash of contrived kindness; the latter is simpler…but deeper. It suggests that the relationship is the point, not the act of love itself.”

marriage actually is for you…kinda
“our marriage was meant not just for our re-shaping for God’s pleasure as a self-contained unit. No, our story together was also purposefully thrown into the middle of a community for the sake of those who are watching us. We’re not unique in this. This is true of every marriage properly considering all that God has for the couple. We’re not special, super-holy people with loads of our own virtue. No. In fact, that should be obvious to all the watchers. That’s the genius of God’s plan. People will know how hard marriage is and see how sinful we are but they’ll see how powerful God’s love and grace are in our lives. Our marriage, then, acts as an invitation into the grand story of God, into His infinite love and commitment to true joy and delight. Our marriage is for us but because it’s for God, it’s not about us.”

My Jesus. A Feminist.
“Standing on my porch, with our boys giggling in the background and colorful leaves swirling around our feet, between a lesbian feminist priest-to-be and a judgmental evangelical urban missionary, Jesus was there, challenging my stereotypes and undermining my legalism.

When we said, ‘Amen’ together, I felt the Holy Spirit whisper back to me, ‘Do not call anything impure that God has made clean.'”

Bolz-Weber’s liberal, foulmouthed articulation of Christianity speaks to fed-up believers
“‘This isn’t supposed to be the Elks Club with the Eucharist,’ Bolz-Weber said in a taxi ride before her Austin talk. Religion should be ‘something that’s so devastatingly beautiful it can break your heart. Instead it’s been: ‘Recycle.’ And ‘Don’t sleep with your girlfriend.’ ”


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