The Story

One of the most sure-fire ways to get under my skin is to cop a grandiose (and often far-reaching) “Well, the Bible clearly says…” in the middle of a conversation about the intersection of faith and policy and our shared life together as humans flying through space on a living rock. There’s not much about […]

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Weekend Reading

Child (frustrated with my insistence that they not kick the walls): Do you OWN this church or something??? Me: this week, I do. Child (bewildered): Who owns it next week? I spent the week shuffling 75-some-odd children and 30-some-odd adults around our church building during Vacation Bible Club.  It was awesome. It was exciting. It […]

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Meditation Monday: Stranger

(credit) “I was a stranger and you welcomed me…” (Jesus in Matthew 25) Day by day I’ve been forcing myself to look, and then look again, and then look deeper. To walk away, disrobe myself of the mottled mix of European cultures  turned middle class American mindset, and look yet again. With a thinner lens […]

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