About Me

I am a Myers-Briggs ENFJ and Enneagram type One.
(If there is a table, I want to build it bigger and pull up more chairs for more people to have a seat. And we’ll need some linens and a vase of hydrangeas.  Sound okay to everyone? Okay, let’s make a plan.)

In 2010 I married my best friend, Ben, and a month later we moved halfway across the country to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to work as urban children’s pastors. You can read more about our adventures in the community house here.

In 2012 Ben and I got the surprise of our lives when our daughter, Cadence Grace, was born. She asks more questions than I’ve ever thought of in my life, and she has never met a crowd she was afraid of. I want to be like her when I grow up.

I drink coffee with real cream.
I run lots.
I practice yoga.
I pray old prayers.
I reflect on ancient Scripture.
I keep cut flowers on my dining room table.

I’m always looking for the beautiful, the good, the true, the evidences that resurrection is – in fact – all around us just waiting to burst into its full expression.

A most sincere welcome.
Thanks for reading.