Megan Westra

Hi, I'm Megan, I'm glad you're here.

I started writing when my spouse and I decided to move halfway across the country to live in a disinvested neighborhood and work as children's pastors. I used to post recipes, and pictures of the kids we worked with, and cute young married people stuff.

After my daughter was born I started questioning my beliefs, and haven’t stopped asking questions since. These days I write my way through those questions about faith, and life, and who God is, and why people who say they love God don’t act like it sometimes. My first book, Born Again and Again, is a collection of my thoughts on lots of these questions.

I hold a Masters of Divinity, and am an unabashed nerd, which means I write with an eye on the academic side of things, but I think theology should dance with us, not put us to sleep. I think the deep, complex theologies in old, dusty books should be accessible for all people, even if they don’t read German. (I think the best theology wasn’t done by dead German guys anyway.)

I’m an extrovert to the core and love to talk about these ideas in real life. I’ve spoken at MOPS groups, the Milwaukee Multicultural Worship Leaders Network, the Christian Community Development Association’s National Conference, Northern Seminary, and at the Women Doing Theology Conference. I’d love to come and hang out with your group, congregation or organization, please click on the “speaking” link to find out more.

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"The task of theology is not only to teach, but also to delight and to move."

- Declan Marmion