Welcome to The Podluck, a podcast that is serving up bite sized tastes of the best theology.

Each season on The Podluck we examine one question or topic. Like any good pot luck, I invite my friends and guests to serve up their best on The Podluck.

Theology is at its best when we allow a variety of voices to inform how we think about God and the way God is working in the world. The Podluck is about doing exactly that by curating a variety of perspectives each season that will help us consider different topics within theology on a deep level with the breadth and nuance that comes when we bring many voices to the table.

To view a transcript of each episode, click the episode link below.

The Podluck will launch the first week of September 2019, with weekly episodes for a 10-week season.
Season 2 of The Podluck is tentatively scheduled for January 2020.