Fair Trade Friday: Why "Fair Trade" Matters

By Megan Westra / May 8, 2015 /

I’ve been contemplating buying an orange t-shirt all week. Spring has finally arrived in full force in Milwaukee (or at least, spring has arrived for two consecutive days) and the warm temperatures have me itching to ditch my grey woolen sweaters for all things cottony and colorful. I go back and forth in my head:…

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Searching for Sunday: Confession

By Megan Westra / May 5, 2015 /

My footsteps echoed loudly against the hard wood floor, stained deeply like burnt sienna. The sounds from my high heels against wooden planks bounced from the floor to the rafters to the vast painted dome above and finally back into mine and a dozen other sets of ears around me. I felt like I was…

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Fair Trade Friday: Small Steps

By Megan Westra / May 1, 2015 /

I worked at a grocery store in high school. I spent around fifteen hours a week scanning, punching in produce codes, “would you like paper or plastic?” And after several hours of rushed customers, moms with wailing toddlers, and persnickety grandmothers insisting on “double bags” around their canned goods, I would punch out, roll my…

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That We Might Listen to the Story Behind the Cry

By Megan Westra / April 28, 2015 /

It’s becoming something of a broken record. A needle stuck, dragging through the same depression on nicked vinyl over and over, blurring notes and tones into an unidentifiable blur before yanking free and returning to beautiful music already in progress, only to come around on the next rotation. Michael Brown. Tamir Rice. Eric Garner. Tony…

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Searching for Sunday: Baptism

By Megan Westra / April 27, 2015 /

I am super excited today to begin a series walking through Rachel Held Evans’ new book Searching for Sunday with you.  Each week, I’ll be discussing a section of the book, which Rachel has broken up to follow the Sacraments of the Church: Baptism, Confession, Holy Orders, Communion, Confirmation, Anointing of the Sick, and Marriage. If…

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On Fashion Revolution Day

By Megan Westra / April 24, 2015 /

Do our purchasing habits communicate the love of Christ to the world? Because elsewhere in Scripture we are told that whatever we do should be done for God’s glory. Last time I checked, that means everything.

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To The Third and Fourth Generation

By Megan Westra / December 12, 2014 /

(My heart just hurts. And I don’t have the right words.  Sometimes I don’t have any words. I don’t have the right language, a proper understanding, and as rocked to the core as I feel I know I still don’t fully get it.)   Trayvon Martin. Mike Brown. Tamir Rice. Eric Garner. So many other…

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When the Church Loves Bad Theology

By Megan Westra / October 4, 2014 /

I had the privilege last week to attend the Christian Community Development Association’s (CCDA) annual National Conference.  I was encouraged in fellowship with 3000-some other CCD practitioners from around the world, and challenged by the pastors, leaders, politicians and world-changers who shared from the platform during the plenaries. I always look forward to CCDA’s National…

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You're good.

By Megan Westra / September 12, 2014 /

I’m keenly aware of my own propensity to self-destruction.

I forget, easily and frequently that I am a beloved person, made in the image of God to lovingly display who God is to those around me.

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Don't call it a comeback

By Megan Westra / September 5, 2014 /

I’ve been here for years, and all summer.  Things I am good at: – Overestimating how much I can accomplish in any given amount of time. – Drinking coffee. – Freaking out about not being about to accomplish all the said things, referenced above.  Things I am not so good at: – Pacing myself. – Planning to take days off/breaks/periods…

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