None of this went as planned

We have turned our eyes to carefully track the steps of Jesus all week. We watched as the crowd cheered and gawked at his ironic, and somehow still triumphant entrance in to the city. The crowd shouted “Hosanna! Save us!” and we too, echo their cry in our own ways every day, “Jesus, save us…” […]

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Riding in on a donkey

“It just all seems so…divided.” The descant rolls on and on from so many of my friends and peers; believers from all walks of life. The words are paced with shocking consistency. They are set to a meter like a metronome, the rise and fall undifferentiated. And it’s true, I can’t remember a time in […]

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That Time I Gave Away Half of My Clothes (and other ideas on how to practice simplicity during Lent)

It was over a year ago now (but it seems like just last week) when I noticed it.  Piles everywhere. Clean clothes, dirty clothes, outfits tried on and off and discarded for a more preferable option before leaving for a morning meeting. Piles and piles and piles. And at once, I was over it. Enough […]

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A Reflection on Resurrection

They were looking for Him among the ranks. Violent. Powerful. Hungry for a bloody fight and glorious victory. A liberator. Messiah. Someone to overthrow the government Oppressive Corrupt Caesar certainly didn’t affirm traditional Jewish values.  Surely God would erect a political leader who would uphold such beliefs. They looked in the political sphere They looked […]

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a cheap remembrace.

it feels cheap sometimes…   flowers and pastel eggs new clothes and spit-shined shoes bright, smiling faces and human-sized bunny rabbits (creepy) large, roasted hams and perfectly pressed linens   have we missed it? in the name of celebrating, have we missed it?   the darkness the ugly the horror the nakedness and blood the […]

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