For those who gather reluctantly

It’s seven A.M. and I am bleary-eyed, shuffling around the kitchen, washing out my daughter’s thermos and pulling random things off the shelf to pack in her lunchbox. The familiar sensation of frustration tinged just on the side of anger slithers up my spine and nests itself comfortably in a knot at the base of my […]

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On Voting

2008 was the first election I voted in, but I did so begrudgingly. My evangelical upbringing informed a view that voting was important, and particularly voting for a certain party, but I was unconvinced that change really happened in the political sphere. I was just becoming acquainted with the work of folks like Dr. Ron […]

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About Evangelicals…

People have a lot to say these days about the Christian faith, specifically the iteration of Christianity labeled “evangelical.” What does it mean to be evangelical? Should people continue to use the term because of historical or theological significance? Has the current political climate rendered the term void? The takes are countless. I want to […]

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Over the summer my mom found a cookbook from the early 1900’s in one of the closets at my grandparent’s house.  The blue canvas cover is fraying at the edges, and multi-color threads in uneven stitches betray the loving hands which re-stitched the binding time and again. About halfway through the book there is a […]

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It’s okay to enjoy it

Summer was long, y’all. And hard. And good. But mostly long and hard.   Ben started a new job in December this past year, which meant this was the first summer of our married life that we could spend holiday weekends – like Memorial Day and the Fourth of July – sleeping in and grilling and […]

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Mandatory Labeling

  “Mom, what is wonder?” my daughter asks one morning, jumping off of the song lyrics playing on our way to school. I’m distracted. Traffic is bad, we’re running late. I’ve only drank half of my cup of coffee. Wonder.  I start tossing words around to craft a definition within the reach of her ever concrete […]

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Deconstruct:Reconstruct -Reach Inside

Few things make me feel as confident, comfortable and relaxed as a well laid plan. I crave structure. I do everything within my power to achieve control over my circumstances and environment –  and I consume more post-it notes than one human being reasonably should. Inevitably though, it doesn’t always work. When things spiral off […]

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Of Protest and Praise

I am a child of the early 2000’s worship boom. In big arenas and tricked-out sanctuaries we sang loud, hands lifted and eyes closed softly: “Blessed be your name when the sun’s shining down on me, blessed be your name…” “Savior He can move the mountains, my God is mighty to save…” “I could sing […]

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The Mill

Image: Shinichi Higashi “Often times, what is good is the enemy of what is best.” The step mill hums underneath me. Feet moving in time, working against gravity to keep myself moving upward. Step.  Step. Step.  I listen to podcasts while I exercise in the morning. I’m religious about it. Time for my body and brain to wake […]

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