About Evangelicals…

By Megan Westra / December 22, 2017 /

People have a lot to say these days about the Christian faith, specifically the iteration of Christianity labeled “evangelical.” What does it mean to be evangelical? Should people continue to use the term because of historical or theological significance? Has the current political climate rendered the term void? The takes are countless. I want to…

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By Megan Westra / August 17, 2017 /

** In the wake of the marches on Charlottesville, Virginia on August 11th and 12th I have decided to write about my journey (still in progress) of divesting myself of whiteness, and some of the things I’ve learned along the way. Before getting in to discussions explicitly pertaining to race, I believe it will be…

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The Story

By Megan Westra / August 3, 2017 /

One of the most sure-fire ways to get under my skin is to cop a grandiose (and often far-reaching) “Well, the Bible clearly says…” in the middle of a conversation about the intersection of faith and policy and our shared life together as humans flying through space on a living rock. There’s not much about…

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Brother Thomas

By Megan Westra / April 21, 2017 /

“Now Thomas, one of the Twelve, was not with the disciples when Jesus came.”                                                                                  …

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By Megan Westra / January 16, 2017 /

Over the summer my mom found a cookbook from the early 1900’s in one of the closets at my grandparent’s house.  The blue canvas cover is fraying at the edges, and multi-color threads in uneven stitches betray the loving hands which re-stitched the binding time and again. About halfway through the book there is a…

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"F*ck this" and Farandolae – 2016 in Review

By Megan Westra / January 4, 2017 /

I started 2016 off the way I start every January – full of drive and optimism with a carefully color-coded planner and a pile of books to read. I know I’m not unique in this, almost everyone I know becomes more ambitious, dedicated and idealistic as January 1 draws near.   I went to Florida…

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Finding God in the Waves: A Book Review

By Megan Westra / September 14, 2016 /

I hated listening to people talk on the radio or recordings for a very long time. I blame my Mother’s love of listening to talk radio when I was a child. (Can’t we just listen to music please???) My husband, Ben, on the other hand, puts on a podcast whenever he’s doing any sort of…

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Taking up Space

By Megan Westra / September 12, 2016 /

I’ve spent the last several years of my life purging closets and emptying drawers. Minimizing. Trying to use less water, less energy, less resources. Produce less garbage, and compost and recycle more. Just this past weekend, a bookshelf and two full bags of random old things were evicted from my home. Smaller impact. A simpler…

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It's okay to enjoy it

By Megan Westra / September 6, 2016 /

Summer was long, y’all. And hard. And good. But mostly long and hard.   Ben started a new job in December this past year, which meant this was the first summer of our married life that we could spend holiday weekends – like Memorial Day and the Fourth of July – sleeping in and grilling and…

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Deconstruct:Reconstruct – The Summum Bonum

By Megan Westra / June 8, 2016 /

When Ben and I first drove up to Milwaukee from West Virginia six years ago, we missed one tiny split on the highway around Chicago –  it was one small lane change. Unfamiliar with the landscape of the midwest, we drove for an hour before we realized we were getting deeper and deeper into rural…

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