My word for 2014 is Joy. On December 31st though, as Ben and I were out and about eating poutine and visiting friends, a steady, silvery snow fell downy over the city. I hate snow. It freaks me out. I hate driving in it, I hate walking in it, I hate the fact that it’s […]

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A Love for the Book

I have a few goals as a parent. I want to teach my daughter to love deeply, to live fully, to value community, to consider the needs of others before her own.  I want her to know and own her strengths, to lean into her talents and callings, and to know also her weaknesses, to […]

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Spiritual Disciplines for Kids: Why?

This week at Transformation City Church we have issued a church-wide emphasis on prayer and fasting.  We’re focusing on surrender, of our church, of ourselves, our agendas, our goals, our dreams, our ministries… One family in the church approached me after service yesterday and asked for suggestions on ways to talk to their child about […]

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