11,000 words about our wedding…

11,000 words about our wedding…

ceremony (photo: bill whitt)

dad and i, down the isle 🙂 (photo: bill whitt)

ohhh you know i had everyone on their feet. you know how i do! (photo: bill whitt)

back down the isle to "send me" by lecrae....oh yeah.... (photo: marjorie jones)

these little kissing bells became SO annoying! not that i mind kissing my husband...but breathing is nice too... (photo: marjorie jones)

the fun has arriiiiiiiived! (photo: bill whitt)

most stellar wedding party of all time. period. i love these people. (photo: bill whitt)

reception site! (photo: bill whitt)

our reception was themed around the chris rice song "lemonade" so we handed out bags of lemonade as favors! (photo: bill whitt)

our most fantastic, polka dotted, super yummy wedding cake! (photo: bill whitt)

we're kind of in love, it's true. (photo: bill whitt)


  1. Mary Westra on June 20, 2010 at 4:18 am

    I love this! It was so much fun…. I LOVE YOU BOTH!!!!!!

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