cardboard and camp

cardboard and camp

so we’re finally settled – for two weeks at least!

ben and i made it back from boston on tuesday after spending a WONDERFUL (emphasis on WONDERFUL) week with his parents and their church family up in massachusetts.

we celebrated our return home by packing 34 boxes in two days…impressive?  we think so!

our lovely little newly wed house has been transformed literally overnight into a cardboard jungle as our possessions disappear and the piles of boxes grow ever higher.  it’s so weird to think that we’re moving in only thirteen days…but it’s super exciting!

in the mean time, we’re back at wade hanging out and helping out with summer camp wherever they can use us!  there are so many new faces this year, it’s really exciting to see how God continues to expand the ministry here as camp is filled almost to capacity (120 students) and with nearly half of them being new kids.  it’s also encouraging to see how our rising and current high school students are stepping up.  when i began working at wade four years ago there was a group of three or four boys that were there from the get go…and they could be  a little rowdy at times.  now these same boys are young men getting ready to enter high school, and i’ve been privileged enough to see them grow and mature from rambunctious boys to responsible young men who are helping out and setting examples for the younger kids.  it’s a beautiful cycle to watch.

also really cool this summer, the kids are learning ephesians 2:8-9 with a major twist – it’s set to the tune of ke$ha’s “tick tock”.  talk about fantastic!  the most beautiful thing i’ve heard this week has been 120 kids singing at the top of their lungs


“wake up in the morning feelin like God’s child

i got my Bible in my pocket and a big ol’ smile

before i leave say a prayer God will keep me safe

cause when i leave for the day i got a heart full of faith

i’m talking bout learning my favorite verse, verse

trying hard not to curse, curse

learning a brand new scripture….

God’s grace we’ve been saved through faith not by self

it’s the gift of God not of works, no boast

tick tock on the clock but the mercy don’t stop no

oh oh oh oh oh!”

there’s supposed to be a video out there somewhere…i’ll post it when i find it!

keep ben and i and our moving process in your prayers, and pray for God’s continued blessings on summer camp at the wade center!


  1. Katy on June 26, 2010 at 4:27 pm

    oh my goodness. best song ever!!!!! hahaha that just made my day!

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