long lost and returned

long lost and returned

hiatus – “a break or interruption in the continuity of a work or series…a missing part or gap…a natural fissure or cleft in the bone” (dictionary.com)

i believe Webster could add the title of this blog to his definition of hiatus. instead of a running, descript and lively narrative of our life as married people living in the central city of milwaukee, you, our dear family, friends and readers have instead been presented with a break in our writing; an interruption in the continuity of our life story; you have missed not only a part, but many parts of our lives. by definition, we are bloggers well versed in the act of going on hiatus. i suppose a lack of internet access will do that to a blogger. then again, so would a lack of priority.

any case, for any of you who have checked daily or weekly hoping in vain for an update, we are truly sorry. forgive and continue to follow? thank you. much appreciated.

thus ends the hiatus of the westra’s blog, thanks in large part to a hand-me-down laptop from mom westra, and alterra coffee in milwaukee.

i suppose it would be in order to attempt to catch the blogosphere up on our life in milwaukee, but this could prove to be a long and tedious process. so, briefly, since october:

we (meaning our entire little intentional community) began opening our home once a week for a Bible club for the neighborhood kids, think vacation bible school in shot form.

new job for megan – so long retail world, hello wonderful job at the wisconsin athletic club!

honeymoon to BERMUDA – pictures? but of course…

that's our cruise ship docked in bermuda

horseshoe bay, generally considered to be the third most beautiful beach in the world. agreed.

the lighthouse that kept us from becoming completely lost on the island...yes we got lost in bermuda. it seemed appropriate.

our church began looking for a more permanent meeting space as we were ordered to stop meeting in the movie theater. thank you milwaukee city.

we took the Bible club/neighborhood kids to an indoor water park to celebrate Christmas

we went back to west virginia/virginia for an extended christmas vacation.

and i think that brings us up to the present!

please continue to watch for more updates (and much more regular updates!) as we live out our life and ministy here in milwaukee.
love to you all, it’s good to be back 🙂

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