your daily underwear selection is a big deal.

at least, i think so.

underwear can make you feel sexy or happy, confident or smart (don’t underestimate the power of plaid panties), sporty or matronly, or like you’re pms-ing big time. it’s a big decision.

how do you feel today?

i keep my undies organized by mood, and by whether or not i can wear them with tight pants. please don’t read the word “fold” in that sentence anywhere. it doesn’t happen.

organize undies by mood: important.
folding panties: ludicrous.

i digress.

it’s been an exciting week around transformation city church and the community house.

we had baptisms on sunday. i took several of the kids from the block with me to see ben (who lives upstairs, not my ben) get baptized. very cool.

it was so cool to see the kids share in such an ancient sacrament, and then just to play and be loved on by the greater body as we picnicked afterwards.

thanks to anyone who helped keep up with any of the kids i brought.

i also discovered just how thankful i am we’re not having twins or triplets.

3 kids ages 4 and 6 = one tired megan. hats off to all the moms who keep up with that everyday.

the church building is coming right along. i’m not actually supposed to be inside helping, paint fumes, fiberglass and all other forms of ancient building bowels aren’t good for preggo ladies apparently.
but i did get to see a little when i dropped lunch off today for ben (my ben this time), dry wall is up, most of the place is painted, and there are no giant targets painted on the side of the building!

(for those of you who missed it, our church is renovating what used to be an archery shooting range. epic, we know.)

meanwhile, ben and i are trying to balance all the building stuff with our normal second jobs, planning out designs for the kids space in the building, kicking off our neighborhood Bible club for the fall, keeping the peace on the backyard basketball court, helping neighbors move, and preparing for the just under half-baked baby westra to make his or her appearance.

it’s craziness.

but it’s good.

life abundant, that was our promise. it’s not what i thought it would look like, but i wouldn’t trade it for the world.


  1. parmanifesto on September 11, 2011 at 7:37 am

    You have no concept of how cool you are. Which is another reason why you’re cool.

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