meditation monday


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perfectionism plagues me like some chronic disease.

eating away at my soul.  robbing my joy.

stealing enthusiasm and passion with the lie that it will never be good enough.

i’ve been meditating on this idea of being real, not perfect a lot lately.

my drive towards perfectionism always at odds with my high value for authenticity.

i struggle with the “already, but not yet” that is this Kingdom work.

i grapple with the judge inside my head to find rest in such promises as “[God] who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”  (Philipians 1:6, NIV)

today, in what ways are you embracing what is real?

are you denying your friends, family, your community of authenticity in the name of perfection?

today, be still.  know that God is God.

know that God is doing a good work in you.  a work already, but not yet completed.

let the paradox stand.

let the mystery engulf you.

be in awe.

and then, be real.  not perfect.


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