Cease Fire: A Prophetic Call to End the "Mommy War"

Cease Fire: A Prophetic Call to End the "Mommy War"

It was a beautiful (and unfortunately all too rare) moment.

A group of women nestled around a table: stay-at-home-moms and working moms; breast-feeding moms and bottle-feeding moms; totally natural and cesarean deliveries and everything in between; public and Christian schools.

Sharing life and experiences together, diverse as they may be.  And loving it.

Prior to the birth of my daughter I never knew how isolating motherhood could be.  Whether I was home alone for hours at a time with a tiny human being who communicated only through screams, or if I was leaving the child who carries my very heart within her in the care of someone else while I was out pursuing my extra-maternal work.

It felt so lonely.

Met continuously with knowing glances and unwarranted advice, the path of motherhood seemed to be paved with eggshells of assumptions and haunted by beasts of judgment lurking behind every tree of doubt and crouching in every ditch of uncertainty.

It’s a tough world out there for a mom.




And we are our own worst enemies in this fight….read more.

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