i'm ba-aa-aa-ack!

i'm ba-aa-aa-ack!

Thank you all for your patience last week as I was swamped under a pile of work – not the least of which was writing and giving







all went well and I will be back around the blogosphere in normal force this week.


in my sermon preparation last week i did a lot (LOT) of research on male/female relationships, equality, women in leadership, etc. and i am so very excited to drop some of this knowledge on you in the coming weeks


i would also be so very excited to know what questions nag at your heart when you think about what it means to be a woman in the Church.   are there questions you wish you could ask…but feel like you can’t?   verses that jab at you or don’t sit right when you read them? 
anything in particular you would like to see addressed here?

please leave a comment with any responses you may have.  like in grade school, there’s no such thing as a stupid question.  so ask/suggest away! 

oh, and p.s.

– i missed you all.

…and now,  onward!

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